Monday, October 26, 2020

Staying the Course

Living with COVID-19 is hard. So much of our regular school routine has been disrupted. Especially for our upper school students who are just earning the freedom that comes with young adulthood, the safety restrictions and constant monitoring are discouraging. When will COVID-19 go away and let us return to normal? That is a question I find myself wondering often. 

Unfortunately, the situation appears to be getting worse in Gaston County, not better. Our health care experts tell us that hospitalizations are at an all-time high. So the reality is that we have to stay the course and stick to our safety protocols.

Are we up to the challenge? Is it worth it? A resounding "YES!" is the answer to both of those questions. Staying the course not only protects others and ourselves, it also provides us with an opportunity to discover the hidden strength available to those who put others first. 

Gaston Day is always going to choose to protect our community. None of this means that staying safe and being careful will be always fun or easy. But we will become stronger by experiencing, enduring, and overcoming adversity. Rising to this challenge better prepares us for whatever life can throw at us in the future. Is it too farfetched to think that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to force us to develop better resources and coping skills that we never would have found in easier times? Maybe the hard way is the best way.

So why do we stay the course? Because we care about the health of ourselves and others in our
community. Because we are strong enough to face this challenge together. Because it makes us stronger.

We will emerge from this crisis even stronger than we were before. And we will know that united we can face and overcome a great challenge. Staying the course forges us into a community of stronger, more caring people. 

And sometimes, staying the course can be joyful. There are lots of reasons to celebrate what is happening at Gaston Day School. Our students are still learning. Our safety procedures appear to be working so far. Our virtual learning format ensures that we are ready to adapt to changing circumstances. 

There are other bright spots. The Middle School Band Concert was fantastic. Girls tennis, girls
volleyball, and boys soccer are all three in the semi-finals of state tournaments in their respective sports. For all the athletes, coaches and us true-blue Spartan fans, this is one of the most exciting and successful seasons ever. 

Even in the pandemic, Gaston Day continues to thrive and excel. Spartan strong. Spartan united.