Thursday, March 3, 2022

A Bright Future

One of the most reassuring aspects of my recent announcement about my retirement at the end of the 2022-2023 school year is Davidson Hobson's selection as the next head of school. Over the past five years, I have watched Davidson's continued growth into a consummate independent school educator and professional. He understands independent school admissions, marketing, communications, fundraising and strategic planning as well as anyone. And the results he has achieved in those areas are proof of his expertise. But more than that, because Mr. Hobson has overseen the Admissions Office he is intimately knowledgeable of every aspect and detail of Gaston Day School's academic program and student life. He
knows this school and is our friend. 

The Hobson Family
The Hobson Family
Davidson's outgoing personality and inclusive leadership will serve him well as new head. He also is incredibly well educated for this position. Many of you probably know that Davidson has an MBA from Wake Forest. But he also will complete this summer a Masters in Education in the prestigious Klingenstein Fellows Program at Columbia University. Columbia is the top education school in America, and the competitive Klingenstein Program is the only one designed for aspiring independent school leaders. Only 50 students are accepted into the program every two years, and Klingenstein Fellows are the best and brightest among the independent school world. Davidson's selection and participation in the Klingenstein Program is a tremendous honor. It places him in the front rank of young independent school leaders. Gaston Day is so fortunate to have someone with Davidson's extraordinary education. 

On another front, it does look as if the pandemic is gradually subsiding. I don't want to jinx it by saying that and have a new variant arise. But it is awfully nice to be mask optional at Gaston Day. I am still wearing mine inside to stay safe. But for those who feel well protected, it is great to see your smiles. The last two years have been hard and straining for everyone. I appreciate how this school community has handled all the challenges. We could all use some sunshine and blossoms.

I also know that world affairs continue to be so troubling with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

photo by Ian Greene
But even so, I hope we will take some solace in the good things that are happening here at Gaston Day. Spring time is on the horizon. Our pair of red-shouldered hawks have begun their courtship and are frequent morning visitors to the front of campus. 

Remember, March is a fickle month for weather. It can be seventy degrees one day and snow the next. I never feel safe about winter weather until April 1. But the jonquils are blooming and my blueberry bushes are budding. Your can feel new life beginning to emerge. Given all that we have come through and experienced, and the ongoing dangers abroad, it feels both overdue and welcomed. Stay hopeful and know that Gaston Day School's future is bright.