Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Middle Schoolers Like Gaston Day

Jennifer Newcombe, Middle School Coordinator, recently surveyed middle school students and asked what they like best about Gaston Day. The top vote getter, with a 39% response rate, was the good relationship that they have with their teachers. Second, with 33% response rate, was the relationship they have with their school friends and going to a school where everyone knows each other. Third, with 24% was the athletic program. Fourth, with 17%, was the quality education which is preparing them for college.

After these top four come a host of reasons with much smaller responses: the schedule, food, science (especially frog dissection!), field trips and dances, a clean school, plays, all these and many others made the list at lower response rates. Below are some quotes taken from the survey.

"The students and teachers respect each other."
"The arts here are amazing."
"The friends you make will last you a lifetime."
"There are a bunch of different sports you can do."
"Teachers treat us the age we are--they don't treat us like babies."
"Classes are fun and we get a lot done."
"You'll have lots of friends."
"Many opportunities and students are well behaved."
"P.E. is very amazing!"
"GDS prepares you for college."
"Middle School baseball is awesome. Please play!"
"Gaston Day has real spaghetti."

If you would like a copy of Mrs. Newcombe's summary of the results, please ask her for one. The results are revealing and encouraging.