Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Website Launched

In a time of hashtags and LOL's, Gaston Day has launched an OMG!

I am thrilled to announce that our newly redesigned website is live!

Over a period of time, a GDS web task force was formed and they worked with a local agency, to bring you a change. BIG change. Real change.

Our website is a vital tool to improve school-home communication, share branding and engage many audiences.  It's not only for external marketing, but internal marketing as well.  It adds value and depth to school communications and helps build support.  We wanted it to meet the needs of parents and also distribute meaningful information.  In the landscape of social media, we wanted Gaston Day to tap into that area and become a player that reaches our audience in many different social networking avenues.  Our website needed to be informative, engaging and interactive, and i think we #nailedit.

Gaston Day School.  More than just tardy bells and worn erasers.  More than pop quizzes and homework assignments.  Gaston Day School is about change.  THIS is what change looks like.